Click to Call Ad Campaign on Mobile for zpizza Deliveries

Mobile only Google Adwords campaign generated over 250 Pizza order calls.

About zpizza:

zpizza was born in 1986 in Laguna Beach, California, has a branch in Jumeirah Beach Residence. Their zpizzas are fire-baked for a crispier crust that crunches with every bite. “If it doesn’t crunch, it’s not a zpizza!” Enjoy zpizza, the pure one.


Zpizza is located in Jumeirah Beach Residence. It delivers pizza to new Dubai areas and wanted to generate more calls and orders for pizza. They were looking for efficient marketing solution which directly improved more pizza orders. zpizza has tried different formats of marketing with little success. That is when they wanted to try google ads.


  • Appear on top results of Google Search.
  • Get more qualified calls from selected areas only.
  • Increase brand awareness & get more traffic to the website.


There is tough competition in pizza orders in Dubai – Particularly in Dubai Marina & JBR. Zpizza has just one location and want to reach out to maximum people. Zpizza didn’t know if google ads can help them get calls hence they allocated minimum budget towards it to try for 1 month. They wanted to increase returns from the adwords campaign to get more phone calls. We eventually did the campaign for 5 months.

See how we do click to calls ads to generate more calls

Strategy & Approach:

The following approach helped zpizza get more form their online Google Adwords Campaign.

  • zpizza shared their key goals and expectations from the campaign. There was clarity of requirement right from start.This helped us to focus on the key menu items offered by zpizza.
  • We then did keyword research & added more negative keywords to avoid losses on wrong keyword clicks.
  • Since they wanted to track phone calls, a dedicated mobile number was allocated.
  • The mobile landing page was redesigned to enhance user experience when they search for pizza on mobiles in the area.
  • Used call extensions and made mobile specific ad text.
  • Used location extension & made location targeting based on 10km radius around JBR. This means only people within this radius were shown the ads. This avoided clicks from wrong areas.
  • Used ad scheduling to make sure zpizza ads were shown only during their delivery hours.
  • Used bid modifier to bid higher on mobile, locations and time of day.
  • Some adgroups were purely targeted for mobile and others for desktop. Mobile outperformed. Number of calls over the months increased.
  • Budget remained the same as a result of proper targeting options. Zpizza ads remained in top position during entire 5 months.

Click to Call Ad Campaign on Mobile for zpizza Deliveries

Above pic shows the big circles where ads were shown. The other smaller circles where ads were not shown as zpizza didn’t serve in those locations and hence didn’t want to get unnecessary clicks and calls from there. This help avoiding clicks and cost wrong locations.

Key Tools Used:

  • Google Search on Mobile
  • Call & Location Extensions helped boost ctr & calls
  • Mobile specific landing page
  • Radius Targeting to nearby areas
  • Extensive research on Keyword Planner Tool
  • Analytics behavior and device reports


  1. Over 775 people clicked the click to call button on google mobile search in last 5 months.
  2. zpizza ads were shown over 90,000 times at an avg position of 1.5 in Google Search.
  3. zpizza also registered increase in number of calls for online pizza orders & deliveries.

Below is WHAT NADER – Marketing manager of zpizza says:

We are receiving good number of calls from this campaign. More than other marketing channels

Click to Call Ad Campaign on Mobile for zpizza Deliveries