Social Media Marketing

Before Social Media Marketing, companies centered their Internet strategies on their Web site. Basically through ads and promotions focused on increasing traffic to that site and success was measured by traffic metrics and conversions, such as how many forms were completed or how many items were purchased. Now, the market is throwing these companies a twist: With the growing popularity of social networks in general, and Social Media Marketing in particular, people’s online consumption habits are changing. For one, they’re spending a lot of time on Social Media Marketing. The average Social Media Marketing member visits the site an average of nearly 18 times per month, according to recent figures by Web traffic analytics provider comScore.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Channels

Social Media Marketing has remade itself to satisfy marketers’ needs to take part in the conversation. They’ve managed to balance commercialism with its members’ strong desire for privacy while fostering an open, transparent environment where discussion flows freely between consumer and marketer.

It’s within this new Social Media Marketing marketing paradigm that the role of traditional marketing is changing. It’s no longer a question of whether your business should have a dedicated marketing presence on Facebook. Now, the only question is do you really need a Web site anymore!

Social Media Marketing Explained

Social Media Marketing is the first book to provide you, a marketer, with in-depth analysis into the strategies, tactics, and techniques available to leverage the Facebook community and achieve your business objectives. By breaking down the Web service into its basic features of creating a Facebook Page for your business, adding applications to your Page, hosting an event, creating a Facebook Group, advertising, and buying and selling goods in the Social Media Marketing Marketplace, we lay out a user-friendly blueprint to marketing and promoting an organization via Facebook.