Embassy Financial Solutions


embassy financial solutions ONLINE PRESENCE & enquiries using google adwords search advertising



About embassy financial solutions:

Embassy Financial Solutions are a  full-range accounting and business consultative company that offers accounting, bookkeeping, payroll processing, management accounting, review management, and business advisory services.


Embassy Financial Solutions pride on providing professional and cost-effective accounting services to clients. Marketing was mainly through word of mouth and good work. They felt the need to do more effective marketing. As a startup company budget was limited and hence decided to try paid advertising. They approached Leads Dubai in December 2014 to explore how they can get more leads.


  • Get new accounting and book keeping enquiries from Dubai
  • Be in the top 3 results of Google search when users searched for their products
  • Increase website traffic


  • Online trading is highly competitive market
  • Brand awareness and new registrations were stagnant with traditional marketing
  • Limited budgets and new to experiment marketing channels

Strategy & Approach:

We first created a dedicated landing page http://embassy-fs.com/ which highlights company services and benefits. We then narrowed down to select few services and build a strategy around it to create the Adwords campaign. Leads Dubai used below strategy to help Embassy get more visibility & registrations from Adwords.

  • Used targeted Search Campaigns in order to achieve goals
  • Themed ad groups for different services were created
  • Targeted keywords that get more visibility on search campaign
  • Reclaimed the ad positions with tight keyword match types
  • Got rid of multiple keywords which were not relevant
  • Used call, & site links extension to boost CTR, new registrations
  • Helped in creating new landing pages with contact forms get new registrations

Key Tools Used:

  • Google Search settings & features
  • Keyword Match Types
  • Multiple Ad Extension Settings
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Negative Keywords & Ad scheduling
  • Google Analytics – To measure quality of traffic


Above pic shows Blue Line, which is number of clicks per month. Orange line shows average ranking position (Always shows on top 3 results) from April 2015. There has been steady increase in average ad position for lower cost clicks.


  1. Good Brand visibility achieved in the competitive market
  2. Showed Ads to over 32,000 engaged users who wanted services
  3. Over ___ new enquiries & calls received
  4. Adwords sent over 700+ interested new web traffic sent to website