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dolphin khasab tours

Dolphin Khasab Tours new tourist leads triples from search marketing campaign from GCC & Europe. Cost per lead reduced by 50%

About dolphin khasab tours:

DOLPHIN KHASAB TOURS is a tour operator in Oman having packages like dhow cruise, mountain safari, city tours, hotel bookings and more. They believe in the values of eco-tourism, respecting the environment and protecting all flora and fauna in its natural habitat.



Dolphin Khasab Tours had little digital marketing & wanted to find a way by which they can get more tourists from overseas who are looking for oman holiday packages. They also had an old website which needed a change. Leads Dubai proposed to try Google Adwords for 3 months and see the results. We got the site more responsive & started adwords campaign in june 2014 and haven’t looked back since. PPC Campaign now is now their 2nd best source of new tourist leads. 30% of them come through adwords search campaign alone. In this case study we discuss how tours Package Company in Oman Generates New Leads.



  • Increase leads from European markets
  • Do SEO for the site and get more traffic
  • Make the website look more appealing and mobile responsive
  • Increase business and get more customers from GCC



  • Tourismis a very competitive industry in Search Marketing
  • Cost of marketing is high and margins get affected
  • Site revamp was needed adapting to seasonal changes.
  • Identifying which channel is working and increase sales


Strategy & Approach:

Leads Dubai used below strategy to help Dolphin Khasab Tours get more leads from adwords.

  • We first ensured that the site has appropriate landing pages for each packages
  • We ensured that each page is mobile optimized with call button on top and contact form
  • Implmented thank you page & conversion tracking to identify which package more popular & from which country and optimized accordingly
  • We handled SEO which now is the top 50% of lead generator for the client
  • We handled clients social media campaign like facebook, twitter, instagram and now they have a good following. We found conversion rates from social traffic was highest.
  • Helped with google maps & google+ along with google my business profile to increase local relevance in the home Oman market.
  • We discovered like musandam tour package was most popular which helped us created multiple adgroups and relevant ads to help increase leads.
  • UAE got most leads & this helped us optimized location based campaign further
  • None of this would be possible without constant support and involvement from DKT.
  • .Use of all latest ad extensions helped CTR & conversions from 3% to 9%
  • Used multiple keyword match type and a ad copies to increase the relevancy.
  • Created new call, site links, location extensions to boost CTR, Leads, more calls & walk-ins.
  • Since there are seasonal changes we learn the pattern on what performed and change the campaign structure accordingly.

Dolphin - Graph

Above pic shows Blue Line which is monthly number of leads generated. Orange line shows monthly cost per lead. We started from June  2014 onwards. The cost per lead came down from AED 50 to AED 22 per lead. Number of leads increased from 35 to 150 per month.

Key Tools Used:

  • Google Search Campaigns
  • Keyword Research & Match types
  • Site Ad Extensions
  • Conversion Tracking & Analytics
  • Keyword Planner Tool
  • Facebook Marketing & Instagram & Youtube & Twitter



  • Over 900,000 times the ads were shown in top 3 positions in last 9 months in target countries.
  • Over 650 new tourist registrations leads were generated on website.
  • Over 60 new calls generated via mobile ads besides the direct registrations.
  • SEO traffic and social impact has been increasingly every month.